Vegan Mofo Day 7 - Derbyshire Oatcake with Chai Spiced Apples and Birdhouse Peak District Tea

The prompt for Day 7 is to blog about a food from your county, state or home town. Although I am not originally from here I have lived in the Peak District for over two years now and hope to be here for many years to come. The town I live in is part of the county of Derbyshire and as I am also doing a breakfast theme I thought I'd blog today about Derbyshire oatcakes.

Not to be confused with the hard oatcake biscuits that you eat with cheese, the Derbyshire oatcake is a kind of yeasted pancake. I have to confess that I haven't made these as my local health food shop Peak of Health sells them ready made in packs of three. I simply wrapped my oatcake it foil and warmed it in a hot oven for ten minutes.

 It's served with some apples that I stewed the night before. I made a Redbush chai syrup at the same time which I stirred into the stewed apples when they had finished cooking. The oatcake is topped with a heaped spoonful of Coconut Collaborative plain yoghurt and a sprinkling of toasted almonds. Just perfect for a lazy Sunday morning breakfast.

I felt that the tea based syrup with the apples called for a beverage of tea rather than coffee to accompany the breakfast. I recently received a box of Peak District teas for reviewing from Birdhouse Tea Company. I will be sharing more about the rest of the range after Mofo which contains green, herbal and black tea blends. For this breakfast I fancied a black tea and selected the Duchess Georgiana named after the Duchess of Devonshire who was a celebrated beauty, socialite and infamous lover of Charles Grey, the 2nd Earl Grey!

How beautiful does this blend look? It also smells fantastic. Alongside the black tea there is grapefruit and rose, mallow and marigold petals. I love the punchiness that grapefruit can give to a tea blend. It really is something special. The mallow gives it a lovely rounded softness that compliments the citrus flavours well. I have to admit that I usually add soya milk to black tea but not when I get a blend like this. It tastes better drunk without. If you are interested in interesting, quality loose leaf teas then definitely check out Birdhouse Tea Company. There's ranges for other areas of the country as well as the Peak District and teas grouped into collections such as Wellbeing and Sweet Shop. I have my eye on the Black Jack and Strawberry Laces teas!


  1. I love an exciting tea blend, especially if it's got rose in it! I'd never heard to Derbyshire oatcakes, but I'm a big fan of anything pancake-y. I'll keep an eye out!

  2. I've never heard of a Derbyshire oatcake but now I want one. Or three! Are they always vegan or does your health food store have an accidentally vegan kind?

    1. I'm not sure Jojo. I've only ever bought them from there. We will get some in next time you guys visit.

  3. I remember last year commenting that I had yet to try a Derbyshire oatcake, this year I am still in the same boat! I was going to make some for this prompt but I chose Bakewells instead. I'm intrigued by the tea - I'll have to look out for some caffeine-free varieies!


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