Vegan White Chocolate and Matcha Green Tea Truffles

This is a really easy truffle recipe that gets great results. I've adapted it from the basic truffle recipe that I've used time and time again with multiple flavour variations.

White Chocolate and Matcha Green Tea Truffles
Makes about 20 truffles

100g of vegan white chocolate (I used 4 of those little bags of buttons)
50g of vegan margarine
1 teaspoon of matcha green tea
25g of ground almonds
1 tablespoon of soya cream
150g icing sugar
Ground almonds and cocoa powder to dust

Melt the white chocolate and margarine in a pan over a low heat.
Remove from the heat and stir in the matcha powder and cream followed by the icing sugar and ground almonds.
Leave the mixture to cool. Once cool take teaspoonfuls and roll into balls. Then roll half in ground almonds and half in cocoa powder.


  1. Yum! I've been waiting for this one, you know how I feel about matcha and these look amazing! I'll have to make them as soon as I can find the buttons. Maybe I'll have a search at Veg Fest, I haven't seen them at my local Sainsbury's for a while.

    1. I've been getting them from big Tesco's. They don't seem to be that widely available at the moment. Lots of places have the milk choc version but not the white for some reason.

  2. YUMMY and look at that colour! amazing.

  3. those look really tasty! i like the bright green hue!

  4. What is soya cream? Is that like coffee creamer?

    1. I think so. I'm in the UK. Not sure if it's the same as US non dairy creamer but I used Alpro cream which comes in a small carton that you'd sub for anywhere you'd used dairy single cream, including coffee.

  5. Hello from Vegan Food Nerd! I have nominated you to join in the Liebster Awards! If you are interested in taking part, check out the details in my own Liebster post here:

    I love your blog and hope you will pass on some blogging love!

    Sorry if this posted twice!

  6. I love white chocolate and I love green tea. Ugh. I want these in my mouth like yesterday.

  7. Does this need to be made with a specific matcha powder?
    I have Tenzo Tea’s organic matcha but a lot of them look the same


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