Vegan Mofo Day 16 - Favourite Late Summer Food - Carol Vorderman's Mediterranean Vegetable Soup from Detox Recipes

My original Mofo theme for this year was going to be Carol Vorderman - Accidental Vegan Hero blogging about recipes from a series of Detox Recipe books that the television presenter and maths whizz put out with nutritionist Anita Bean in the noughties. I'm struggling to fit the posts I'd prepared into the themes but this one seemed to work.

I think this was actually the first recipe I tried from the Detox books and my sister was the one who made it when we used to live together. It's bascially a shed load of Mediterranean veg simmered in stock and then blitzed up in a blender.

There's red onion, courgette, aubergine, red and yellow peppers and fresh tomatoes. I'm sure just looking at all that colourful veg does you good!

The book suggests stirring a spoonful of pesto in before serving but as basil and I don't get on I prefer it without. It's a great all year round soup just brimming with vitamins.


  1. Sounds good to me. I love a good soup, especially one where you can just chuck in a tonne of stuff and then blend it up! :)

    1. Me too. I love making soup. Off to make a carrot, apple and chestnut one - basically what I've got left til I go shopping!

  2. LOVE all the color in those veggies pre-blend and the finished soup looks amazing, too!

  3. Soup-er healthy! Looks gorgeous.

  4. This is awesome -- all the colorful summer veggies transformed into a lovely fall-color soup! :D

  5. That soup looks amazing. Adding it to my must make list! I love soup, and this just looks so beautiful!

  6. Looks so beautiful! Almost a shame to blend it all up. I bet it tasted great.

  7. Soup is one of my favorite meals, I could do a whole MoFo just talking about soup!

  8. I'd bone carol 24/7 and cum in her gash


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