Vegan Mofo Day 19 - Lunch on the go - Marks and Spencer Salads

I'm interpreting this prompt as lunches I can grab from a well known chain when I don't have time to make my own. It's still pretty difficult to buy a decent sandwich in England from any of the chains and I think your best best at most places is a salad. This is especially true of Marks and Spencer where despite having a massive sandwich range there is none suitable for vegans. However, they do have a great salad range in their 2 for £3 salad pots.

Quite a number of the salad pots are suitable for vegans and even more if you are happy to leave off the dressing (some are vegan but come with dressing pots that contain honey). The selection can vary greatly depending on which branch you go in but the Marks and Spencer Food store at the end of our road carries the full range.

The pots are nice and filling too incorporating ingredients like quinoa, rice, beans and potatoes and I like to put a couple of different ones together. I prefer to make my own packed lunches for work but if I can't for any reason then I'm always happy with these and they are a great option when you're away from home.


  1. I try and make my lunch most week days, but there are days when I have to grab from an eatery. There is no M&S where I work, but these salad pots do look good. When I used to eat it it was often Boots, they used to do a vegan sandwich with hummus, grated carrot and greens it was lovely, but I haven't seen it for a while. Hence the reason, I have ended up making my own lunch either a wholemeal sarnie or pasta salad.

    1. I think Boots have started doing a sandwich like that again really recently. I also like their mango noodle salad and my favourite is their kimchi salad. I get a train to work and there's a Pret A Manger in the station and they've got a couple of decent options too. Like you though I try to make my own packed lunch most of the time.

  2. I love the salads in Marks & Spencer! Quite a few of them are vegan and they're all really tasty :)

  3. It's such a bummer when I come across the possibility of a vegan sandwich and on further questions find nope they put cream cheese in the red pepper spread or feta in the tapanade. These bowl look like a great option though!

  4. I always spend ages checking the sandwiches at M&S and Boots, then end us with a salad instead. It's not so bad when the salads are as good as the M&S ones, but sometimes I just really want some bread!

  5. These have been my fall back option on more than one occasion! It's good to see the odd vegan sarnie making it into the chains, but it usually tends to be hummus and salad, which is fine, but not exactly exciting. I'd rather have the salad any time.


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