Vegan Mofo Day 21 - What three endless food supplies would you take if you were going to be stranded on an island?

Ok, I was glad when I read that our nutritional needs were met and these were extra items. I don't know what I would have chosen otherwise!
First up is what I would think of as my luxury item. It's rare that a day goes past when I don't have a little bit of chocolate. Often a couple of sqaures of a good dark chocolate is enough to take the edge of that craving. There is always chocolate in the door of my fridge, it has it's own special section. If I had to choose a particular type of chocolate for my island I would choose raw chocolate as I'd feel I was getting extra nutrients from it. I've found raw chocolate to vary in style and taste. British wise I'm a big fan of the snappy varieties that Om Bar and Raw Chocolate Company make and also the latter companies chocolate covered raisins, gojis and mulberries. I've also really enjoyed the raw chocolate my Aussie pen pal Sally has sent me which are brands that we can't get here. I discovered Sally's blog Of The Kitten Kind a few Mofos back and we regularly send each other food parcels. My latest parcel had these amazing treats.

Next up would be my necessary item. Where I come from chips (fries) and gravy is practically a regional dish. Indeed gravy goes on sausages, pies and of course a roast dinner. It's a real Northern staple food item. I love gravy. I love gravy a lot. I actually like my food swimming in it. In Britain we tend not to make our own gravy like all the interesting US recipes I see on the internet. We have granules and we just add boiling water. Easy peasy, yum.

My third and final item is what I would think of as my comfort item. Herbal teas. Don't get me wrong I'm definitely not anti-caffeine but I try to limit cups of tea to two a day and coffee to one. I get cold easily and have got rubbish circulation so drinking hot drinks really helps keep me warm. I also find something really comforting about herbal teas. I started drinking peppermint tea when I was a teenager back in the eighties and people used to think it was strange and I'd get the mickey taken out of me but herbal teas are seen as pretty normal these days and it's great to see such good choice out there.

These are just four of my current faves.I like both fruit and herbal teas. From top left going clockwise we have - Chocolate Chai, Rooibos with red fruits, Pukka Nightime blend and Mirabilia Olive Leaf Tea with Pomegranate. I can't wait to read what everyone has picked today!


  1. I love that you included gravy!

  2. Those teas look good! I can't have caffeine so I am always on the look out for nice tasting caffeine free teas :)

  3. I have never had gravy granules, but I am a fan of the idea! I agree one hunded percent on the chocolate and tea! I am loving Rooibos teas lately myself! Great choices!

  4. Chocolate chai tea sounds amazing! I love the Yogi Choco tea, but adding some chai spices would be great.

  5. I'm a gravy fan too, great choice! My husband is Irish and we lived in Ireland for many years...they do gravy granules too. It's cool that Bisto is vegan, I would never have thought it was.

  6. "In Britain we tend not to make our own gravy like all the interesting US recipes I see on the internet"

    Such a strange idea to me! There are instant gravies in the US, but I tend to think they are weird. I guess it is mainly because we don't usually make gravy unless you are making a meat, so you could use all the drippy gross stuff to make gravy. I wonder what vegan gravies are in the US?

  7. Raw chocolate is up there for my desert island but coffee trumped tea -I would however pick hojicha, oolong or bancha tea.

  8. I tell you, that gravy granules would have been right at home on the "local dish" theme, too. This is very unique to me, especially that it is so ubiquitous over there! We have vegan gravy over here in packages, but I guess a lot vegans don't trust it? Who knows why we don't embrace it as much!


  9. Very good choices - particularly gravy. Don't get me wrong, I love the fancy homemade stuff, but I grew up on Bisto, and I still like it now! A roast without gravy is not a roast!

  10. Good call on the raw chocolate! I won some raw chocolate covered goji berries for MoFo last year and they were amazing!
    Also, nowt wrong with instant gravy, I always have some in my cupboard.


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