Vegan Mofo Day 8 - Make A New Vegan Friend and Tell Us About It,

When I first became interested in veganism nine years ago I didn't know anyone who was vegan in real life which seems weird now that there's even three of us in my team at work! I persuaded three friends, two vegetarian and one omni to come along to a Manchester Vegetarian and Vegan Society meet up and that was the start of it. From there I started going to Manchester Vegan Society meet ups and I soon knew loads of other vegans. Along with some of the vegans I met at these groups I even set up Cake Liberation Front which is a vegan baking meet up which is still going strong and coming up to it's 6th birthday!

Here's some of our logo designs on t-shirts. You can buy these from Philosophy Football and our profit share goes to Dr Hadwen Trust.

I've even met some fellow vegan bloggers through CLF meet ups like Hasta La Vegan - if you haven't already, check out Emil's awesome waffle themed Mofo posts and also Boltonian Vegan. Amy from BV even did a write up of what a CLF meet up is like for last years Mofo - here. So my advice to anyone reading who doesn't know any other vegans but wants to meet some is to go for it and get yourself along to some meet ups. I was really nervous when I first started out but I'm so glad I did as people at the groups were really friendly and I've met great people through them. And if there's no meet ups in your area you could even start your own. There's posters and fliers on the CLF website for people to use for their own events!


  1. Man, those stencils on CLF are so great! Rad you ventured out to find veg meetups, I've never looked into it in my area. Or if there are it's affiliated with meditation or a religious group so my interest wanes.

  2. Thanks all! My friend Dave who was one of the vegetarians who came to that first meet up with me designed all the CLF logos :)

  3. It's wonderful that you've founded a vegan community! I'm also nervous in unknown/new social situations...I'll take some new found courage from you.


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