Vegan Mofo Day 23 - Autumn Equinox Eats - Quinoa Pilaf with Chickpeas and Almonds from Detox for Life - The 28 Day Detox Diet and Beyond

Back to my original theme today which was Carol Vorderman -  Accidental Vegan Hero, blogging about recipes from a series of Detox Recipe books that the television presenter and maths whizz put out with nutritionist Anita Bean in the noughties.

Autumn to me always feel like a time of big changes when it's important to look after energy levels and not burn out in the run up to Christmas. This pilaf is from the Detox for Life - The 28 Day Detox Diet and Beyond book and is a staple in our house. It comes together quickly and easily and is nice and filling with lots of protein from the inclusion of chickpeas, quinoa, flaked almonds and pumpkin seeds.

Although the photo looks a bit beige there's plenty of flavour in there. As well as onion and garlic there's red pepper and courgette, a cinnamon stick, cardomon pods, stock and fresh coriander. I love toasted almonds and pumpkin seeds as a topping. They add a lovely crunch and smell fantastic whilst you're dry toasting them in the frying pan. I often use them to top risotto too along with some nooch. This is a great after work dish when you're tired and in need of an energy boost with the bonus of only taking 20 minutes to cook and only needing one pan. This is served in one of my favourite Fiesta bowls. I am jealous of all you Americans and your easy access to Fiesta ware! I love it but it is very rare to see it in England so when I found 3 big pasta bowls in a charity shop for a bargain price I actually screamed out load, grabbed them off the shelf and clutched them to my chest. My friend I was with thought I'd gone nuts!


  1. I like the sound of this, but its the almonds that make me hesitate a little, but still I won't say no to this if you presented it to me . Your making me smile in a good way by showing how much you utilise your accidental vegan hero - Carol Vorderman. I admire that. And I agree with you about the Fiesta bowls, love your and we should have more in the UK.

  2. I love that your able to work in your original theme still, this looks like a terrific bowl especially with the almonds and pumpkin seeds, I'm that way with sunflower seeds they go on everything! Never heard of fiesta bowls, I'll look out for them.

  3. One-pan meals are the best! :)

  4. That looks great! I'm a big fan of lots of different tastes and textures. Looks like a great energizing meal! I want some fiesta ware now!

  5. This sounds so healthy and satisfying...I can see how it would keep your energy levels up!

    Great find with the Fiesta ware! I love it when that happens.

  6. Great bowl!!!!! And contents! YUM!

  7. I do love the Carol Vorderman theme - who knew she made all this cool vegan stuff? I could definitely see this being one of those good weekday meals for when you're a bit knackered by you still want something healthy and tasty too.


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