Vegan Mofo Day 25- Share Your Favourite Cuisine

Back to my original theme today which was Carol Vorderman -  Accidental Vegan Hero, blogging about recipes from a series of Detox Recipe books that the television presenter and maths whizz put out with nutritionist Anita Bean in the noughties.

Bit of a cheat today as really my favourite cuisine is Chinese but it's not something I really cook at home. What I wanted to focus on is my favourite type of meal to make instead. Risottos and pilafs are one of the things I like best to cook after a long day at work. Bung everything in one pan, add your liquid, stick some music on and then indulge in some meditative stirring for twenty minutes or so. This Pepper and Cashew Pilaf from Detox For Life - The 28 Day Detox Diet and Beyond fits the bill perfectly.

Actually this dish calls for brown rice so you might want to check the cooking time of the rice on the packet as this can vary from 20-40 minutes depending on the brand and you don't want to end up with RSI! This pilaf recipe calls for onion, garlic, stock, celery, red, yellow and green pepper (I can't digest green so I subbed an orange pepper), cashew nuts and lots of fresh parsley to finish. It's yummy, fresh and creamy and tastes fab reheated next day for lunch. We enjoyed this served with a side of roasted broccoli and cauliflower to up the veggie content even further.


  1. Like you, I love Chinese food but almost never make it myself. It's the ultimate lazy cuisine, best enjoyed in takeaway form!

  2. Looks awesome! I can see why it's your fave!!!!!

  3. Mm I love rice and risotto! I totally agree about the soothing nature of stirring it :D

  4. Your risotto looks creamy and delicious. I like that you look on the stirring as a positive thing... a lot of people get impatient with risotto stirring.

  5. Chinese is my favorite, too! Your pilaf looks great! :D

  6. That looks great! Rice is a favorite quick meal of mine as well! And Chinese food for the win every time!


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