Mid Week Munchies - Home Bargains and Co-Op

Mid Week Munchies takes place every week and is organised by Jennifer at My Blissful Journey. Check out the link to find what bloggers round the world have been buying and eating.

First up are these goodies that I found for fantastic prices last week at Home Bargains. The organic coconut oil was only £3.99 a jar! I've been using it to make my Pirate Bread with spiced rum soaked raisins to take along to various gatherings we've been to. The coconut water was 39p a tin and that's been going in smoothies. At 99p a box I picked up a few boxes of these chestnuts and we've enjoyed them on a pizza so far and I'm sure they'll be featuring in a pie soon. The chia seeds were £1.69 a bag, the cheapest I've ever seen them and a great find as I use them a lot in overnight oats.

These snacks were on offer for £1 a bag in our local Co-Op. We ate the cracker crisps in one go as they were very moreish. The popcorn I'm saving for a film over the festive period.

These next items weren't a purchase but I competition prize! I won a range of thai curry pastes in a Vegan Society competition - red, yellow and green and sweet chilli sauces made by Geo Oraganics. I'm looking forward to lots of nice curries in 2016 made with these.

Geo Oragnics are owned by Venture Foods who also own the brand Orgnaica know for their fabulous vegan chocolate. Their white chocolate is excellent and their milk is one of the best vegan milk chocolates around, it always reminds me a bit of Galaxy. They were kind enough to include with the prize this new bar they've added to their range. It's like a soft nougat and the dark chocolate and apricot flavours complimented each other really well. I'll definitely buy this when I spot it in a shop.


  1. I generally don't like popcorn, but give me a sweet and salty popcorn and I can't stop eating it! Such a good flavour combination.
    Yay for winning a prize!

  2. So many great deals! I just love finding those kinds of deals! It really makes my day! What a great prize to win too! Woot woot!

  3. Spooky, I picked up those exact items in Home Bargains the other day! I couldn't believe the price on the seeds/coconut oil, definitely the cheapest I've seen.
    And that chocolate sounds lovely, I'll have to give it a try :)


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