Weekly roundup - superseeds, cheese and cornettos!

I've been continuing with sprouting seeds. This avocado toast is topped with homegrown alfalfa and I've had good success with sprouting red clover seeds this week too. Alongside the alfalfa sprouts the darker seeds on here are the Activated Sunseeds with Shitake from my recent Raw Living order which are my absolute favourite salad topper. The flavour of these things is incredible and elevates a simple meal into something gourmet.

Talking of gourmet we tried some hand made artisan cheese from Manchester based vegan cheese maker The Walnut Gatherer. We've tried a few flavours now with the garlic being my favourite so far but this red pepper cheese was lovely too. We've been rationing ourselves to a little at a time as it gets even better as it ages.

This was a new product I spotted in Marks and Spencers this week. They were 80p for around 8 chocolate buttons. The buttons had dried raspberries and pieces of candied orange embedded in them. One for lovers of dark chocolate. They were ok, I don't think I would get them again.

What I will buy again and again though from Marks and Spencers are these cornettos. Out of all the vegan cornettos I've tried I think that these are my favourite and they are gluten free too.

Now onto the bargains! I've always wanted to try Sun Warrior organic vegan protein powder but the hefty price tag has always made it a no-no. When I saw an offer for 500g tubs for just £3 I ordered both of the flavours in the offer - mocha and berry. I was impressed by the natural ingredients list but these are flavoured with stevia so they do have that distinctive aftertaste that stevia can have. I've figured out what to add to them to make them taste good though. I've been have the mocha blended with a banana, some cacao, maca and cinammon as well as plant milk and I've been adding frozen mixed berries, maca and banana to the berry flavour.

The Food Doctor do a really nice range of vegan friendly snacks and I was pleased to discovered this chipotle trail mix in Heron Foods with 5 packets for a £1. It's really good and a nice mid afternoon pick me up.

I've mentioned the last couple of weeks about our Co-Op Supermarket closing down and them selling stuff off at clearance prices. The last thing I picked up was a bunch of these salted caramel flapjacks by Creative Nature. These were 39p instead of £1,29 and they are soooo good. I wish I'd bought more!


  1. I so want a vegan cornetto! They must be so fun. I don't have any vegan options here for them.

    The sunseeds with shiitake sounds really amazing, I love the flavour shiitake gives to things.

    1. We are lucky that a few supermarkets are doing own brand cornettos. It's hard to find ice cream outside of supermarkets though. I am always envious of your amazing finds!

  2. I love Heron foods, we don't have one here but whenever I see one I nip in, there are some great free-from bargains to be had there.

    Thanks for the review of the M&S cones too, I didn't know they existed, I'll look out for them.

    1. I love Heron, it provides us with lots of treats we wouldn't have otherwise. We are getting a B and M Bargains soon too. I just need a Jack Fulton's to be in bargain heaven!

  3. I really love when you find things especially super food types of things on sale. It's such a luxury to be able to try those things.
    I agree with you about stevia. I do not like that weird aftertaste. I'm glad you love the protein powders!

    1. Yeah, it's a shame about the taste of Stevia, lol. I will keep going trying to find more ways to disguise it. The protein powder is good though and keeps you full all morning.

  4. The red pepper cheese and the chipotle trail mix both sound really good!


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