Guerilla Wine Tasting

My friend Dale has been talking about the idea of Guerilla Wine tasting for a while now, since we first did a bit of Guerilla Gardening in fact. Basically enjoying a spot of wine tasting in a public place that you wouldn't normally associate with such activity. Last night on the way home from Dough he sprang one on Siobhan and I. The location - an empty bus shelter in the Northern Quarter. The Wine - the first ever Zinfandel planted in France. The Verdict - super fun and hopefully the first of many such events.


  1. Drinking wine in a bus shelter makes you a wino, not the Bargain Booze branch of The Tooting Popular Front. I hope you showed the appropriate respect for your surroundings and drank it straight from the bottle.

  2. He He, afraid we had glasses, they were plastic ones tho!


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