Paradise Gardens

On Saturday afternoon Helen and I went down to Victoria Park in Hackney to check out the Paradise Gardens festival. We had a short detour via the lovely Broadway Market to buy a vintage brass hook from The Dog and Wardrobe and pick up brownies and vegan red velvet cupcakes.

Once in the park we went to check out the DOG sculpture by Akane Takayama. The dogs were part of an installation and schools project and were given away to the public at the end of the event. There were lots of happy children and adults carrying them around. It started to rain so we retired to the Pimm's tent for a bit then headed home to find Debbie had made platters of delicious sushi for tea.

It was sushi again for the train journey home today. Usually I just pick up a Boots meal deal with a Fresh vegan sandwich from the kiosk in the station but I was pleased to discover Abokado in the food court just outside the entrance. This avocado, ginger and carrot sushi wrap and falfafel and corinader wrap were lovely and very fresh tasting.


  1. Thank you so much for coming by my blog and for you lovely comment.

    I love the dogs here.

  2. Yum to the avocado, ginger, carrot wrap! :)


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