Caramelised Onion Mash

Today's mash post is one of Matt's. This was made to accompany some Fry's Pepper Steak pies. Wow, these pies are a revelation! They didn't look that exciting in the box, a little shallow and a lot more expensive than that other more widely available vegan meaty pie but they are so worth it.

The sides are roasted parsnips, steamed spinach and leeks. The mash is swirled with caramelised onions and complemented the pies beautifully. I've never thought of putting onions into mash before, in gravy yes but mash no. It's a winner!


  1. Oh yum, caramelised onions in mash! I've put them in the gravy before and eaten them with mash but I've never put them IN the mash. Those pies really are a brilliant aren't they, the pasty cooks so much better than the "other pies"! I like the creamy mushroom and Nick likes the pepper steak - it's perfect because we always have leftover pie in the freezer!

  2. I am totally adding carmelised onions to my mashed potatoes next time. My mouth is literally watering just thinking about it!

  3. You've got exactly the right ratio of gravy to other stuff there! I love Frys stuff - always turns out great. I've never had a go on the pies though - definitely going on my shopping list next time I see them.

  4. Ha ha, I think this was definitely my plate. I love gravy!

  5. Oh yum, caramelised onions + mash sounds delicious to me too!

  6. Sounds like a fine idea. We had these pies a couple of weeks ago and I wouldn't have bought them had I noticed the word 'pepper' but actually they were quite scrummy and made a nice change to the usual Linda pies. Highly recommended, though only every now and again as they are quite pricey. Big thanks to you sweetie for the card and choc, you are a love :D xxx


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