Good Old Caulipots

Anyone with a copy of Appetite For Reduction will be familiar with Caulipots, a tasty yet lower calorie version of mashed potato. It's basically potato and cauliflower boiled and mashed together and flavoured with your choice of seasoning.

I made some to accompany some leftover Chicken Supreme and added olive oil, salt, pepper, stock, nooch and some garlic chives to the Cauilpots alongside a serving of peas. Mmm, total comfort food.


  1. I love caulipots! I need to make this exact meal soon!

  2. I love caulipots, too! It's been too long since I've made some.

  3. yes! caulipots are totally great! :)

  4. I was brought up on mash! So these posts are great! Love all the variety of different root veg you are using to make such delicious meals! X


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