Trick or Treat

I've been stocking up on the treats for Halloween with some handmade vegan goodies. I've got an autumnal Chocolate Box from Deerly Beloved Bakery on it's way and I couldn't resist these marshmallow ghosts from Sweet Vegan. I also found out today that I've been lucky enough to win not 1 but 3 tubs of marshmallows from another vegan company! I'd not heard of Daisy's Marshmallows before but they sound brilliant. The company was set up by a woman called Linda and she has raised over £4,000 so far through Facebook and Ebay which goes to help dogs in distress. She is selling a Halloween marshmallow package on the Ebay page. I'm going to take the ones I've won along to the next Cake Liberation Front meet up to share the marshmallow love and let more people know about this brilliant fundraising idea.

What kind of treats are you having for Halloween?


  1. The ghost looks fantastic!

  2. These are so cute! I'm baking a vegan cake to donate to my school's cakewalk today, but I haven' thought of what to make for myself yet.

  3. Daisy's marshmallows sounds super awesome! Are the marshmallows similar to the Sweet Vegan ones? I love those but tried another brand (Ananda's I think) and didn't love them.

  4. I've not got the Daisy's yet but the feedback on their ebay page looks great. I tried Ananda's a while ago and wasn't keen but I had some a couople of months ago and they were much nicer so I don't know if they've changed the recipe.

  5. Oh wow! I didn't know either of these places existed - amazing. I'm going to have to go and give them some business - particularly those fabulous ghosts!


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