Whisky and Ginger Truffles

When I had to choose a category on the Mofo sign up form I had to admit that my blog definitely falls into the category of 'comfort foods'. After the week of muffins and the week of mash we now have a week of sweet making. These are super quick and easy truffles and make an impressive gift. I've posted the basic recipe before and have made several variations on them. This time I decided to use whisky and ginger. You start off by melting the dark chocolate and margarine. 

Then you stir in the cream and whisky followed by the rest of the ingredients. After chilling in the fridge until the mixture cools and firms up you rolls them into balls and roll them into cocoa.


Makes 25 truffles

100g plain chocolate
50g vegan margarine
1 tablespoon of whisky
1 tablespoon of cream
25g of ground almonds
150g of icing sugar
5 large pieces of crystallised ginger chopped into tiny pieces
Cocoa powder for rolling


  1. thanks for sharing...

  2. I am so excited to try this! I think it might be my holiday gift to everyone.

  3. Those look fantastic! Seem like they would be great holiday gifts.

  4. Oh hell yes, whisky chocolate truffles sound awesome. I might have to try them soon.

  5. Hell yes x2, and I hate whisky! but I bet they'd still taste amazing with rum...


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