For Your Pies Only

I'm going to be a bit quiet on the blogging front this week as I've a couple of days of hospital tests. I'll be back on Friday though with my last 5 themed Mofo posts. The clue is in the title of this post. Yes, Friday is the opening day of the new bond film and we'll be off to see it after work as Matt's been on the opening day of every one since The Spy Who loved me in 1977. Here he is sat on the roof of the original car from that film.

My theme is going to be dessert inspired Martinis. But before that here's a pie I made yesterday that manages to have booze in both the filling and the pastry!

I used this recipe for a vegan flaky pastry that uses ice cold vodka as one of the ingredients. Apparently the alcohol does something to the gluten in the flour allowing you to create a more tender crust. It cooks off in the oven and you can't taste it. It's the first time I've made a savoury pastry from scratch and I was surprised how easy it was and would definitely recommend this recipe.

I used a filling recipe that I've used a few times before with a puff pastry top. I cooked it down until most of the liquid had gone and it worked well with the shortcrust pastry on the top and bottom.

It was the first pie to be made in this new purchase - a Le Creuset pie dish from TK Maxx at a third of the normal price. I've got a few pieces of Le Creuset ceramic cookware and it's great stuff and really easy to clean!


  1. I hope your hospital tests go smoothly.

    I love Le Creuset and that pie looks delish. I love anything with chestnuts.

  2. I hope everything goes well at the hospital. i have that pie dish, I got it cheap too! Sadly mine doesn't have pie in it today!

  3. Hope all of the tests go well. I've never had pie with chestnuts. Sounds pretty good.

  4. Good luck with the tests. Hope Bond makes up for it - looking forward to the martini desserts!

  5. Yum, what a delish looking pie and I hope all your tests go well :)

  6. That pie filling is the delicious! We make it every few weeks in the winter months. Love the Le Creuset dish, everything tastes better with Le Creuset.

    Good luck with the tests. I shall look forward to the Martini's with intrigue.


  7. I can confirm that the pie was indeed as delicious as it looked.


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