Bakerie is situated on Lever Street in the Northern Quarter. Since it opened a couple of years ago it has had great food and wine options for vegans (one of the owners is vegan). The menu changes every few months and currently there's a Superfood salad, puy lentil and vegetable stew, a falafel and humous sandwich and a fancy beans on toast. All of these come with bread made by the Bakerie chefs and things are clearly labelled as vegan. For my most recent visit my friend Siobhan and I went for a glass of white wine and one of the famous Bakerie boards. Apologies for the quality of the i-phone photos, as it's a bar the lighting is quite low.

All of the vegan boards come with a pot of home made hummus, a pot of beetroot puree and some green leaves. You then get to choose three other small dishes. There are six to choose from in total so we went for all six to share. Usually as a vegan tapas style eating is a no-no with there being very little for us on the menus at Spanish restaurants. However, here were we able to feast on stuffed vine leaves, bombay potatoes, roasted vegetables, falafel, garlic mushrooms and a tomato and mixed bean salad.

This also came with a basket of mixed bread. The food was all fresh and delicious and we actually struggled to finish it!

On the way out I picked up a flyer for their Christmas menu. If you work somewhere that has Christmas meals out it's always good to know places to suggest where you'll actually get something decent too. Their vegan offer this year is a starter of winter roasted parsnip and thyme soup with fresh bread, cashew nut, sweet potato and cranberry puff pasty parcel with the trimmings for the main and winter berry strudel with dairy free vanilla icecream for dessert. Gluten free options can be available on request. What a lot of places don't realise that Bakerie do is if you offer something interesting and of good quality for the people with dietary requirements they will bring others with them too. In my last job I used to organise a Christmas meal every year for 35-40 people. I got the final say on where we went and I wasn't going to settle for salad and chips, no way!


  1. Amen to the last paragraph - vegans don't eat on their own, we do bring other people with us! That Christmas meal looks pretty darn good!

  2. Its a shame but I think 120 miles round trip is a little too far to expect my work mates to travel for a Christmas lunch :) We normally have our own potluck party and most bring vegan food so I'm very lucky!

  3. Do they have any vegan desserts or cakes?


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