Carrying on the theme from yesterday and Go Falafel, here's another fast food establishment. I do have to start with a disclaimer though as Barburrito is not technically in the Northern Quarter but just on the edge. The original store is in Piccadilly Gardens which is just at the end of the NQ street where I work though. I wanted to include them as when they opened in 2005 they were one of the first non veggie businesses in Manchester City Centre to offer a decent vegan option. After the success of this store they went on to open another city centre one on Deansgate as well as branches in the Trafford Centre, Liverpool, Leeds and Nottingham. Londoner's, there's also one in Paddington station. I've always loved their graphics.

The donkey is called Derek. You can sign up for Derek's deals which includes a loyalty card scheme and you'll get sent a voucher for a free burrito on your birthday. There's also random times when Barburrito will announce that they are giving away free burritos. As you can imagine the queues are big for these!

As well as burritos you can get tacos, burrito bowls and nachos. It's fast food and to order you move along a counter making your choices as they make up your order. You get to choose from spicy or mild versions of things. For vegans you get beans, rice, a choice of mushrooms or peppers (you can get both if you pay extra), salsa and lettuce. Guacomole is also available as an extra. The branch is open in the evenings so it's useful if you need to grab something quick before going out after work. It's also next to the bus station so I've been known to grab one as takeout when I don't feel like cooking.

Mexican food is enjoying a wave of popularity at the moment which is great to see. For a long time Barburrito were the only people doing it in Manchester. I can't finish this post without also doing a shout out to Panchos who are also just on the edge of the NQ in the Arndale Market food hall. The food hall seems to go from strength to strength and it's well worth checking out if you've never been. They're open during the day and are a popular lunch destination. Check out Pancho's menu with it's clearly labelled vegan choices. You can also buy different types of loose chillis from them for cooking at home.


  1. I **LOVE** Barburrito. I've never tried Pancho's so I definitely have to check that out! :)

  2. Jenny, definitely check them out. There's a nice tea stall called Parched in there too that I'd recommend.

  3. I love burritos's! We always go to Tortilla or Chilango in London but now I'll keep an eye out for Barburrito.

  4. I really, really like burritos - if ever I can't make lunch for work, I head over to the burrito place by work. There's something in the beans-rice-guac combo that makes them hugely addictive. Go Derek!


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