Nexus Art Cafe

Nexus Art Cafe can be found in a basement at number 2 Dale Street. It was started by the Methodist Church and is mainly staffed by volunteers. They say of the space 'Nexus Art Cafe is a non profit organisation working towards building community and celebrating creativity in Manchester's Northern Quarter'.

There's a focus on Fairtrade products, free wi-fi and changing art exhibits as well as a selection of locally made craft products for sale at very reasonable prices. There's soya milk available for drinks and they also take part in the Suspended Coffee initiative where you can buy a coffee in advance for someone who really needs it. Foodwise there's things like falafel, humus and roasted vegetables available in sandwiches, as salad, or with jacket potatoes.

I've always found Nexus to have a really relaxed feel and it's the sort of place where you could quite comfortably sit and relax on your own with a good book or using their free wi-fi. My friend Steve does their books and website one day a week and we often meet up for an after work brew. We are both big fans of the Teapigs tea that they sell (particularly the liquorice and mint) and their vegan flapjacks.

I think the thing that I love the most though about Nexus is their outdoor courtyard. This is an enclosed courtyard at the back of the building and I think it's one of the hidden gems of the Northern Quarter. It's a lovely little space with loads of character that my photo just doesn't capture.


  1. I've never been there, nor recall knowing about it, so thank you once again, you are such a mine of wonderful info for Vegans! x

  2. I think you'd really like it Michelle. Lots of art and craft stuff. Maybe you could show some of your lovely work there!


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