Fig and Sparrow

Fig and Sparrow is one of the newest additions to the Northern Quarter. I walk past it every morning on Oldham Street before it opens but until yesterday I'd never been in.

This lunchtime my sister and I went out looking for a leaving present for a work colleague. This person likes tea so we went in to check out their organic tea selection.

I hadn't realised before that the stuff in the shop is sourced from local artists. I've bought lots of brilliant tea towels before for Christmas presents from Mr Ps. Check out the link, they're good enough to frame! The handprinted baby clothes on the right make lovely presents too and are from Nell who has a studio in the Manchester Craft Centre. This shop is full of beautiful things.

I couldn't be in there without checking out the cafe bit at the back, you know how you do if you're vegan, just in case there's anything you could eat. I was pleased to see from the tea menu on the wall that they offered soya milk.

I was gobsmacked to see that these baked goods on the counter were either vegan or gluten free! There were three vegan options - carrot cake, a seeded muffin and a chocolate orange muffin. I bought the later to take back to work for my tea break and I can report that it was delicious. The crumb was really light and the dark chocolate and zesty orange perfectly complimented each other with a layer of melted dark chocolate on the top as a finishing touch.

I will definitely be going back to Fig and Sparrow. It has a nice relaxed atmosphere and I spoke to two really friendly members of staff. Honestly I think you should all book a day off in December and come to Manchester to do your Christmas shopping!


  1. Ooh! Did you see if any of the savoury options were vegan? More vegan cake is always a good thing :)

  2. Jenny, yes, they've just tweeted me about savoury options so will update blog later - lunch menu always has at least one vegan option and they do lunch jars, bagels etc. It's a lovely place would definitely recommend.

    1. Oooh excellent, thanks. Really good to know! :)

  3. Such a great find, I love being surprised by vegan baked goods!

  4. This place sounds like a "hidden" (or maybe not so hidden) gem. Reading all of your posts I'm wishing I lived there. Can't wait to read more.

  5. I think I would have to go in just because of the adorable name! The vegan/gf goodies are a bonus.

  6. I can't wait to get back to manchester at xmas and check out all these new places! The Fig and Sparrow looks fab! X

  7. After reading all your posts this month, I'm seriously considering taking that day off - if only to eat all the fab cake you've discovered!

  8. I love that they have not one but three vegan options! Your city is wonderful :)

  9. I've booked my day off! I'm Christmas shopping in Manchester, don't know how much shopping I'll do with all the foodie places you tell us about though! x x

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