Bonbon Chocolate Boutique

I'm going to let you into a secret. The BEST hot chocolate in the world isn't in Paris or Oaxaca or Barcelona though I've had pretty good ones in all those places. It's to be found in a tiny shop on John Street in Manchester's Northern Quarter and the best news of all is that it's naturally vegan. Bonbon Chocolate Boutique is a magical place and has to be seen to be experienced. It originally opened as a pop up shop last Christmas and luckily for us Mancunians it's stayed around.

The shop both smells amazing and is also beautiful to look at. There's a big cauldron of hot chocolate which is made from Valrhona Chocolate, cocoa, spring water and a little muscovado sugar. It is completely dairy free and you can get flavourings such as orange or chilli added to it most of which are vegan too. They also serve icecream, cakes and chocolates that are made on the premises. I can highly recommend the raspberry beer ones!

Bonbon also sells that finest of vegan treats - Booja Booja. They will even allow you select a range of flavours which they will then hand wrap and box up for you. It's an amazing shop and a must visit for chocolate lovers! Just remember to check opening times you go as they're not open every day.

All pictures from Bonbon Facebook page.


  1. Raspberry beer chocolate? Hot chocolate cauldrons? Yes please! how do people stop themselves going in every day? Ah, because it's not open every day - cunning!


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