Morrison's Squash and Nut Roasts

We don't have a Morrison's anywhere near where we live so it was good to check one out on a recent visit to Nottingham. The highlights were a bar of own brand dark chocolate with cranberries and raspberries and this two pack of frozen Butternut Squash and Nut Roasts.

Sainsbury's used to sell something similar a few years ago which came with a sauce which I used to love. I was pleased to discover these as they are a nice addition to a Sunday dinner. We had them on Easter Sunday with loads of veggies and lashings of gravy.


  1. I remember those things from Sainsbury's that came with a sauce! That was a super long time ago, I wonder what happened to them?

  2. I love a good roast - roasted potatoes especially! I think there's a Morrisons not to far from me, and you've given me a reason to go check it out!


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