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I sit opposite someone at work who makes pizza every Friday. He made some lovely pizza for our Christmas work buffet including a vegan one and it's got me interested in making pizza again. I've now got two things to help me on my pizza journey. 

The first is a pizza stone. These vary in price but Matt found me one for a tenner in TK Maxx and we've been impressed with it. The other thing is a copy of Vegan Pizza by Julie Hassan. For my first attempts I used this very quick and easy pizza base recipe from the BBC website but I'm looking forward to trying some of the different base recipes from the book. The pizza in the picture below has a cheezy cashew sauce from the book which was lovely.

I'm pleased to see that Pizza Express have listened to demand and finally launched a vegan pizza. I've yet to try the new Pianta Pizza but it sounds good! Has anyone tried it yet and was the arrabiata sauce very spicy? I tend to avoid chillies so I may need to order it with the standard sauce.


  1. Blimey. Pizza Express eh? That's brilliant! Let me know how spicy the sauce is when you have it, you know how sensitive my palate is ;) We often have pizza, I like the strong dairy free cheddar sprinkled at the end on top of roasted veg on a base sauce of passata and homous with fresh basil leaves. It tastes better than it sounds heh. Hubby likes it better than any dairy pizza he ever had which is nice.

  2. It sounds great! I've had hummus on a base before and really liked it but not with passata as well. Will have to give it a try. I'm thinking of trying one with bbq sauce too.

  3. I tried the Pizza Express offering. I'm not usually a fan of spicy pizzas, but it was pretty mild - I could tell there was a chilli in there, but it wasn't setting my mouth on fire. It was tasty, I'll certainly have it again!

  4. Thanks Vievey, that's good to know

  5. Interesting about the Pizza Express pizza - I'll have to give it a try. If I make pizza at home, I normally go for PPK cashew queso and toppings - more often than not tofu frankfurters feature!


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