Go Falafel

This fast food chain is a new edition to the Northern Quarter. There's been one in Rusholme for a while but this new city centre branch is on Newton St, just round the corner from Piccadilly Gardens. Like many vegans I tend to shun fast food chains, but this one is all about healthy fresh food. Whilst some of the Burritto chains also fit that bill, Go Falafel is 100% vegan.

The falafel wrap - what's left of it
I've loved eating falafel when I've been in Berlin, where it seems to be a national dish, but in the UK you usually have to take your chances in a dodgy kebab shop to get some. Go Falafel aims to change all that with a menu that's all about fruit and veg. You'll find a huge selection of healthy salads, fresh juices and smoothies, alongside the falafel.

This is a proper takeaway - in other words there's no seating at all - so portability is important. My favourite to order is the falafel wrap, which is easy to eat on the go. Judging by the others in the queue in front of me, it's a popular choice all round. It's a lovely flatbread with fresh crispy falafel and the rest is up to you. There is humous and a choice of about 5 salads, including a lovely potato one. Chilli sauce and Tahini sauce are optional too, so you can avoid the heat if you don't like chilli. 

Go Falafel Salad Bar
For those who want to avoid the carbs, there's an amazing looking salad bar with tabbouleh and more, and you can fill a box to takeaway. The juices look amazing and are all created there and then in front of you. It's good value too. The large wrap comes in less than £4 and is a meal in itself.

I love places like this, where the vegan element is a bonus, but the main focus is on fresh and healthy food, that is full of flavour and aimed at a mainstream non-vegan audience.



  1. This place looks great, I love finding places that are accidentally vegan like this.

  2. Ooh looks fab! I'll have to find out if their falafel is gluten free!

  3. i love falafel! it is really good with hot sauce!

  4. Falafel is always my friend when I'm in somewhere unfamiliar and I need something on the go. Tahini and falafel = perfect match!

  5. Oh that looks really great -- I love the salad bar option!

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