Easy Vegan Peppermint Tea Hot Chocolate

love the flavours of chocolate and mint together. One of my favourite pre-vegan icecream flavours was mint choc chip and I really wish someone would hurry up and market a non dairy version. We seem to be sadly lacking in the variety of vegan friendly icecream flavours in the UK. Another format where  these flavours work especially well together is in a lovely comforting mug of hot chocolate and thankfully this is far easier to come across.

I recently discovered from various vegan groups on Facebook that there is a Galaxy Hot Chocolate mix which is suitable for vegans. Make sure you check the label though as there are various Galaxy mixes around and some contain milk. It's the one that you have to add hot milk too rather than water that is ok.

I started by heating the milk in a pan. This was for two people so I steeped 2 peppermint tea bags in the milk for 5 minutes. My favourite milks for hot chocolate are M and S soya milk and Koko Coconut milk. I tried out the new M and S Rice milk here and it worked well though as you can see from the picture produced a darker style drink than soya milk does.

Instead of putting marshmallows in the hot chocolate they were on the side on a slice of Rocky Road from Lazy Days. I've only just discovered these and they are so good. All in all this was a very successful experiment, cheaper than buying peppermint extract and one I'll definitely be repeating!


  1. This is something I can easily try, I always have stacks of peppermint tea at home (my drink of choice).

  2. Sounds like a delicious, clever idea!

  3. I looove mint choc chip! Definitely a fave' of mine. I didn't get a chance to pick up any of that rocky road before I left for Austin but you bet I'll be on it as soon as I'm home!

  4. What a great idea! And I agree about the mint chocolate chip ice cream. I wonder if the Globe does any? When we went a few weeks ago I had the maple and walnut flavour, it was amazing1

    Those lazy days rocky roads are lovely, I also like the tiffin they do.

  5. Ooh yes, The Globe. It's only down the road from me, I'll have to investigate. Thanks BV. The one place I did find it in Manchester was Teatime Collective in Hulme and it was amazing!

    This is a before or after dinner mint that packs a lot more than a refreshing feeling after you consume it. This is pure delight for your taste buds.

  7. Recipe looks good, can't way to try it.

    The Lazy Days Rocky Road aren't veggie though, never mind vegan, as the marshmallow contains beef gelatine. At least, the box I was given for my birthday did... gutted.

    1. I take it back - bought a box yesterday which are vegan, so they must have changed the recipe recently. : )


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