London Fog Earl Grey Latte

This seems an apt drink for today as there is mist covering the hills round Glossop and it feels like Autumn is well and truly here. I'd never heard of London Fog Lattes until I spotted them on the menu in the cafe in Oklahoma in Manchester a couple of years ago. Oklahoma is a fab gift shop with adjoining veggie friendly cafe in Manchester's Northern Quarter that is definitely one to check out if you're visiting the city.

For my homemade version I use a tea bag from Pukka. I love Pukka teas, threy're always such great quality and their earl grey has the bonus of an added hint of lavender.

I used sweetened soya milk which I heated then frothed up with my mini battery operated whisk. I picked up this whisk for about £1.50 on eBay and it's had endless use.

1 strongly brewed cup of Earl Grey (I made about 1/3 of the mug)
Soya or other plant milk of your choice
1 teaspoon of Sweet Freedom or agave syrup
Cinnamon to sprinkle (optional)

I served the latte in my Too Happy Vegans travel mug which I like to use on my morning commute. I won it a few years a ago in a competition on the Too Happy Vegans blog. If you've not come across the blog before you should definitely check it out. It's written by friends Mitsu and Sasha who've done lots of great things for the vegan community (including organising the UK vegan food swap) and is especially great for reviews of new products and places to eat in London.
Ps- In the background is an original 1970's biscuit tin we got from a fab shop called Vintage Finds in Glossop. It looks brand new and has a little filter inside the lid to keep those Jammie Dodgers and Chocolate Chip HobNobs nice and fresh! Best biscuit tin ever.


  1. Pukka is one of my favourite brands of tea as well. :)


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